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  • I once flew into Downtown Chicago because I made it to the Buck Hunter Pro World Championship held at the Excalibur. Although I did win regionals, I lost the championship. Google "Santino Filipelli Buck Hunter" for a good laugh.

  • I'm the oldest of six children, and the only boy.

(Santino with 3 of his sisters pictured from left to right: Kristina, Santino, Sabrina, Selena)

  • I survived being stabbed five times by a young man. The assault ruptured my spleen, collapsed my lung, and, after surgery, left me with twenty one staples 18 down my stomach, 3 on my head near my temple.

  • I love chess, and I'm actually pretty good at it. I was on the chess team in high school.

  • I renovated a 1927 Mediterranean 4-plex in southeast Portland. This was a record high sale in the city of Portland at the time: $1.5 million (cash). No other 4-plex ever sold for that amount. This was one of the hardest things I've ever done. The property’s address is 2905 SE Alder St., Portland, OR.

  • Although I’m a confident person now, I was an insecure child. At school, I was bullied about my weight, and I was always the new kid. I went to nine different elementary schools, and four different middle schools.

  • I'm currently developing one-acre parcel into five lots in Oregon City. I’m building four new houses from the ground up.

  • I recently signed up to go to pilot school, and I hope to get a pilot’s license. I’d like to own a private jet.

  • I used to play poker and deal cards for a living when I first moved out at 18. I was given the opportunity when the owner of a poker room (now good friend) took me in as a little brother.

  • I'm a coffee connoisseur (snob)

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