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client searching for homes at modern realty in the portland,or

Finding Your New Home!

You've done your research, found your agent, and secured financing--now it's time to find your new home! Your agent will be there to help you every step of the way! As your searching for your perfect home, a few things to consider:


  • Location: Where would you like to live? Do you want something close to work? Is there a certain school district you would like to be near?

  • Accessibility: How important is it for you to live near major metropolitan areas and freeways?

  • Size: How much home do you need?  Are you looking to expand your family? Is a yard important to you?

  • Amenities: Do you want your home to have certain features and amenities?  Are you looking to do your own custom upgrades or would you prefer to have the house ready to live in?  Are you looking to remodel?

  • Hobbies: Do you have specific hobbies that you would like a home to be able to accommodate?  Is there a location that might suit your hobbies best?

  • Storage and Space: How much extra storage do you need? Do you need a larger garage space?  How much home are you willing to furnish?


There are many factors to consider when choosing a location and narrowing down your home search.  Your agent will help you to prioritize and find the right match for your specific needs!

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