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Choosing An Agent

Finding the right agent is essential to the homebuying process.  It's important to find an agent you can trust and who will be there to guide you through this exciting process.  A good agent will:


  • Be knowledgeable about the current market

  • Help you to consider your needs and your define your budget

  • Communicate with you every step of the way

  • Be efficient, organized, and reliable

  • Guide you through the homebuying process

  • Be a skilled negotiator who can ensure you get the best possible deal

  • Ensure that you are satisfied with your home purchase


Some factors to consider when choosing your agent:


  • Customer Satisfaction: Ask to talk with recent customers or find reviews about the agent on websites like and 

  • Knowledge: How knowledgeable is the agent about the current market? Do they keep up on local and national trends?  Ask your potential agent to educate you on the areas your considering buying in.

  • Experience: An experienced agent will help to ensure that your buying process runs smoothly.  That's not to say that going with a rookie agent won't be beneficial too! New agents may have less clients, but that frees them up to focus on your needs.  It's up to you to decide who you're comfortable working with!

  • Communication: It's essential that an agent has great communication skills! They need to be able to communicate with you, guide you, and negotiate on your behalf.

  • Motivation: Whether you're buying, selling, or both, you want to make sure you find an energetic and motivated agent who can work within your time frame.



There are many great agents out there.  If you have any questions, our knowledgeable and friendly agents are here to help!




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