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By: Santino Filipelli

The way I generate business changes every year. It has to. Only change is constant: people change, technology evolves, cultural and economic trends are fluid and shift daily. But the core of how I generate business has NEVER changed. It's simple; I put people over profit.

I no longer look to generate business in terms attracting buyers and sellers. I now generate business by empowering, mentoring, innovating, coaching, and providing the best tools for my agents.

Empowering my agents to succeed generates business. I create time every day for mentorship/coaching/business planning sessions for each of my agents. Outside of that time they have 24/7 access to me. Some nights I will talk with agents as late as 3 AM with video calls, helping them navigate through situations or obstacles in a transaction.

We also generate business with innovation and branding. Our branding is modern, classy, clean, and simple. As a result of our innovation and branding, we attract agents and clients. We leverage social media and online platforms.

(Peter Cutile & Santino Filipelli Pictured Above)

Most businesses are short-term thinkers. We’re not. I will take a loss financially, emotionally, and even physically before having an unsatisfied agent or client.

There is no amount of money that is worth a bad reputation, or even a mediocre one. Being willing to take a loss is one of the most powerful ways I’ve been able to generate more business. Your clients see it, and so

do others around you. Sometimes when you lose, you really win.

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