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As years have passed, my niche has evolved. I joined real estate in 2010 and became licensed in 2011 after the crash. I lived, ate, and breathed foreclosures, short-sales, and distressed homes. I learned the ins and outs of negotiating liens, debt, and dealing with banks. I met people at some of the lowest points in their life, and it was during those moments I realized this is more than just a means to make money, it was a platform with endless access to people who needed help.

(2905 SE ALDER Remodel Pictured Below)

While handling distressed properties, I also met many investors. As an agent, my niche became investment properties, flipping homes, multi-family, land development, and buying and selling distressed properties. I now own two licensed, bonded, and insured construction companies in Oregon and Washington. With this background, I can look at a distressed home and quickly estimate the cost of construction and what the projected profit margin will be.

As a Principal Broker/Owner, I now specialize in mentorship. I'm a firm believer in coaching others so that they can grow and achieve what they want in their life. I help my agents reverse engineer their end goal. I help them identify their strengths, and show them how to double down on those. My niche now is the business model I have created. It truly champions the agent. It lowers their overhead, provides them leverage with our leads & mentorship, but most importantly, secures an exit strategy to help them achieve their goals even if it doesn’t include us.

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