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First, I devour books on leadership, self-empowerment, sales, building culture, psychology, and workplace trends. I'm always listening to podcasts, some being Gary Varynerchuk, and Grant Cardone. I watch TED Talks, and I’m not afraid to ask for help. I’m always talking to colleagues and masterminding. When doing so, I always make it a point to provide some kind of value to them as well.

I actively invest in the market, so I improve my skills by trying things first-hand. I study market reports that are released by MLS. My agents rely on me to be a resource for knowledge and information. Although I'm young, my age does not change the fact that I'm still responsible for the outcome and liability of my agents. To ensure success, I hired a full time real estate coach on the East Coast and one in San Francisco: Kevin Markarian and Dale Archdekin.

I'm also always researching innovative ways to improve our industry. A lot of me improving my skills in real estate comes from trial and error and failing my way forward. The most growth comes when I just step out and do it.

Leadership is an important real estate skill I’m seeking to improve on a daily basis. One way I develop this is; I sit down and listen to my agents and ask them what I can do better as a leader.

Sometimes this is hard, but it's important that I'm always improving not just on the skills/traits that I think are important but to also take into account my agents’ perspective as well.

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